We got this initial run of our cooperation quasi improvised, yet managed to provide pedals that will deliver one of the most rewarding 1960s fuzz sounds straight into your eardrums. We chose the very best new old stock parts for this project and tuned the circuit to have you no questions asked after plugging it into your stack. You may expect raw brilliance and chunky feel of PO.BOX-75 but these qualities won’t come too evident. We like our tone benders smooth, so we made it supa smooth. Clear presence without superfluous high-end sparkle and only as much of bottom-end punch as needed to fill the basic tonal range are here along with moderate output, all to keep the beast at bay. What is the main thing in this take is deeply saturated midrange, with high-mids dominating, dense texture and throaty grit. Its choppy gating and no clean-up operation tally with its raw nature, but overall timbre is more elegant than you’d expect from this bold geezer. Sensitive to playing technique and signal feeding it, our MKII can get both really bonnie and nasty at the same time, so it’s up to you how you manage it to get around.

POznan Soundman: Juliusz (Blue Colander stompboxes)

New Old Stock OC75 Germanium transistors are carefully selected for desired operation and to deliver the classic shade of MKII available tones.

Main features:
– Steel enclosure
– Powder coated
– Manual screen print
– 9v battery only
– NOS transistors
– NOS capacitors
– Handmade
– Limited production


The MK II was/is the most copied of the Bender fuzz pedals, thanks to the apparent simplicity of its circuit and also – largely – thanks to the fact that it was used by such famous artists as Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck. Despite the continuous MK II clone invasion since 1966, our variation on the theme proved to be a delightful experience. All steps in the build process were time consuming: The design and production of the enclosures (which are replicas of the MK-I), the choice and purchase of NOS components, the graphics design and the screen print, the biasing, the hand soldering and assembly, the intense communication flow between POrtugal and POland… 

All this for only about two dozen pieces!? Crazy, maybe. But a very good one.