Picture yourself in a tractor on a cornfield with tearing apart fluff of pure liquid rust. Turn the knob further, you’ll hear it quite brightly these words are probably alright. Zzublime is recreation of vintage fuzz which is so obscure that these verses may give a better sense about how it sounds, than trying to relate it to something already-known. 

Buzz & Zzub

Zzublime circuit is directly based on super rare Hofner Buzz Tone, which most likely was ‘siliconised’ version of Selmer Buzz Tone (also not very famous pedal), which has been equipped with germanium transistors. Hofner pedal uses a depth knob to set transistor bias and overall gain, allowing it to dial in kinda ‘clean’ sound. This operation isn’t very useful so we decided to grant the depth potentiometer a new functionality – control over bass content, overall fuzz character and feel. Zzublime with depth knob maxed presents stock Hofner tone, which is pretty bulky, totally oldschool and also totally useful rugged fuzz with beautiful coarse texture. Turning depth down filters low end out of the circuit allowing for less overloaded, more crispy and gritty overdrive, which can be used even as a dirty treble booster. Available output volume of this box is about sufficient to blow your ears, but anyway it will blow your mind with it’s inimitable textured tone first.

POznan Soundman: Juliusz (Blue Colander stompboxes) 

Vintage Knobs

Soundman only produces small batches of pedals, so it wouldn’t make sense to use cheap components. The first batch of Zzublimes includes an extremely rare and beautiful pair of New Old Stock bakelite knobs as well as long lead BC109 silicon transistors.


Main features:

– Powder coated Hammond enclosure
– Manual screen print
– Powered by DC input or 9v battery
– NOS* bakelite knobs from the 60’s 
– NOS* BC109 transistors
– NOS* Mullard tropical fish capacitors
– NOS* Philips capacitors
– Tag strip board / point-to-point solder
– Internal trims for tone and buzz adjustment
– Handmade
– Limited run
(*New Old Stock)

Demo video (using Fender guitar)
Demo video (using Gibson guitar)