New pedal coming soon!

We created a new series of pedals called “IN Boxes” that will INclude fuzz boxes that aren’t clones but are INspired by old fuzz pedals.

First IN box pedal will be out very soon in a very limited edition. It’s a very special one!

PO.BOX-75 October Update

We are waiting for better times to launch our PO.BOX-75. The factory that was supposed to build our enclosures isn’t still full operational “after” the pandemic break. There’s a chance that we will give up the slopped enclosure for the first batch of pedals in the face of the constant uncertainty about deadlines. In the mean time, have a listen to the new audio demos that we published at our Soundcloud (by António Lopes Gonçalves).

If you are in our “Pedalist” please be patient and keep visiting this News section for updates.